How teams can leverage MavenX?

Teams are truly empowered when they have access to easily retrievable information


Manage and share weekly product meetings notes and customer research with broader team with ease, and much more


MavenX is ideal tool for documentation say on-boarding document for a new teammate or publishing RCA to a wider audience

Customer Support

Empower your team with the gift of collective knowledge so that they can close tickets faster, boosting satisfaction score


Create editorial content, plan social media campaign, take feedback on landing pages, publish notes, and much more


Create that killer pitch, create that picture perfect playbook, and share it with your field team which can access it from anywhere


Define & Publish processes in MavenX. Publish metrics within MavenX so that broader team can track them at anytime & from anywhere


Publish organizational policies, and revise them with ease. Fast-track employee on-boarding by keeping all information handy in MavenX


With access control, share information with relevant stakeholders. Keep track on organizational level metrics from within MavenX

MavenX helps teams to get organized with documentation and data

Real Time Collaboration

Never lose work with MavenX as it allows real time notes editing by multiple people. Helps the team to stay on same page

Share with Access Control

With advanced level sharing & access controls, share information with confidence with your team & stakeholders

Multimedia Support

MavenX provides full support of images and video. Next time, embed that customer interview video within the MavenX note

Share with ease

Share a document with an individual, team or public with ease. You can remove access of a shared document at atny time

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